Families of 2 men shot more than 40 times each in Buruburu on 24th Dec speak


• Their car, a Suzuki Swift was sprayed with several bullets immobilising the men.


The relatives of two of the four young men who were shot and killed on Sunday in Buruburu by unidentified gunmen have made their voices known.

In Gitaru, Kiambu, Brian Mwangi and Julius Mwangi's families, who were not only cousins but also close friends, are now calling for justice for the murder of their sons.

During interviews with Citizen TV on Tuesday, the families of the two verified their identities at City Mortuary.

According to the family, Brian left the house on December 23 after dropping off his wife and daughter.

Margaret Mwangi, Brian Mwangi’s mother told Citizen TV that the father of one had left for Nairobi that Friday after dropping off his wife and said he was going to Nairobi to shop for his daughter’s birth which was to take place on December 25.

Brian, according to the family was a dealer in second hand clothes (mutumba) while Julius was a scrap metal dealer.

“On that day, we spent the whole day with him, he even cooked lunch and said he wanted to throw a birthday for his daughter on December 25,” Margaret said.

Before they were able to positively identify their son's body at the mortuary, they later learned that their son's Identity Card had been found at the murder scene.

“Watoto wamepigwa risasi more than 40 each, wetu tulimjua kwa sababu anakuwanga na meno ya gold,” she added.

This is translated to mean, ‘Our children had been sprayed with more than 40 bullets each. We were able to identify ours because he had gold teeth.'

Julius' mother, Jane Muthoni, recalled that she had spent time with her son prior to his departure, thinking he was going to their rural residence.

Julius got some garments and travel expenses from Muthoni, who owns a clothes company. But he never made it to the location.

“I was with him during the day,  I gave him clothes because I deal in clothes to go home and I gave him fare just as a mother because he has his own work and he said he was going home,” Muthoni said.

They hope that the killings will be thoroughly investigated and that justice will be done. The event that occurred at around three in the morning is being looked into, according to the police.

Adamson Bungei, the head of Nairobi police, stated that while they are looking into the incident, they have not yet determined the reason or perpetrators.

“We were called by neighbors who heard the gunshots and mistook it to be fireworks only to find the bodies there,” he said.

He further mentioned that one body was discovered inside their car and three others outside. Locals claimed to have heard the gunman yell that the individuals who were shot were probably thugs.

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