Pakistan preacher shot and killed in Isiolo


• The police are actively investigating the incident.

Crime Scene Tape
Image: FILE

Muhammad Asghar, a 48-year-old Pakistani national, was shot and killed during an attack on a gathering of Islamic preachers in Garbatula, Isiolo County, while they were travelling to a session.

A second Pakistani person was shot on Christmas Day and is presently receiving treatment in a hospital.

Eight Pakistanis and two Kenyans were among the casualties; they were on their way to the yearly Islamic gathering in Garbatulla for Ijitmai when their car was ambushed in Kachuru, Isiolo County, by unknown shooters who were thought to be robbers.

The attackers left the scene in the ensuing turmoil, leaving the car's occupants to seek safety elsewhere.

The event is being carefully investigated by the authorities. According to the authorities, nothing was taken from the victims.

According to officials, the preacher's body has been moved to the mortuary where it will be examined and interred.

After being treated for their injuries at Garbatula General Hospital, the injured party was released.

A multi-agency team responded to the area quickly, but no arrests were reported.

Because of continuous banditry attacks, there is still a partial curfew in place in the area. The administration has stated that it is determined to confront and lessen this threat.

According to Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, there has been a 70% decrease in livestock theft cases in the North Rift Valley Region and some parts of the Eastern Region as a consequence of the government's ruthless war on bandits, livestock rustlers, and other armed criminals, which has been waged over the course of a year.

The speaker delivered his remarks during the graduation ceremony of 140 National Police Reservists (NPR), who have undergone recruitment, training, and readiness for prompt deployment. Their purpose is to support the multi-agency security officers in their efforts to combat illegal activities like as livestock theft and banditry.

He made a plea to the political elite in the area, asking them to refrain from interfering with security operations and banditry.

"Politicians must keep off security operations. We will not allow them to meddle with security matters." he added. 

"Law enforcement agencies must be allowed to do their work. Politicians who over the years have used banditry and livestock rustling as their political tool must know times have changed."

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