Four arrested over abduction, carjacking of two Juja car dealers


•The victims said they were attacked as they delivered the four-wheel drive car to the compound.

• They were told  to call their relatives to send a ransom of Sh2.5 million for their freedom.

Crime Scene
Image: Courtesy

Detectives raided a compound in Juja, Kiambu County, and arrested four suspects linked to a carjacking and abduction of two dealers.

The four were later positively identified at a parade staged at Juja police station as those behind the drama.

They had earlier escaped from a scene where the carjacked vehicle had been crushed in the Kahawa Wendani area.

The group had earlier tricked the dealers and held them in the house in Juja since Friday, December 1.

They then told the victims to call their relatives to send a ransom of Sh2.5 million for their freedom.

The victims said they were attacked as they delivered the four-wheel drive car to the compound.

Three men on a motorcycle came and took over the car before driving off and holding the two in the house.

On Monday, they were tied and bundled into the same four-wheel drive car and driven to a bank in Juja Town.

It was then that the driver hit another car and drove off prompting a dramatic chase.

The gunmen behind the incident dumped the Prado at Kahawa Wendani along Thika Road after they were accosted by the online taxi driver who wanted to be compensated for a hit and run.

Witnesses said the men opened fire on Monday after the Prado veered off the road and crashed into a guard rail.

The car had earlier on, while speeding on the highway hit a taxi that had been parked on the roadside in Juja.

The driver then sped off before negotiating with the taxi driver on how to compensate him for the damages he had caused.

Aggrieved by the matter and presumed arrogance, the taxi driver trailed the Prado in a highway chase from Juja to Kahawa Wendani.

During the chase, the occupants of the vehicle shot into the air to scare off the taxi driver, who did not comply but instead continued risking his life.

The taxi driver claimed he heard someone inside the Prado screaming for help.

The two victims who had been abducted and carjacked had been locked in the boot of the car and their mouths tied with cello tape. 

The car later rammed into a rail and got stuck there before armed occupants, two men and a woman, jumped out.

They took a motorcycle to escape the scene. They then at gunpoint ordered him off before they took its charge and rode off.

“They drew their weapons and forced the bodaboda rider to scamper for safety, before the taxi driver could zero down on them, stranded on the highway,” a witness said.

Residents rushed to the Prado and found the two men tied and locked therein.

The families of the victims had put a request online saying two dealers who were delivering the car to a client were missing after suspected carjacking and kidnapping.

The residents untied them from the boot before police officers arrived at the scene.

The car seller who sent the two had reported that Prado and his two colleagues were missing.

According to the businessman, the two men went missing on Friday after driving the Land Cruiser to a potential client for viewing.

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