Police arrest four more suspects in 94 million Quickmart heist


•The four arrested are all employees of the courier and security company.

Well's Fargo

Police have apprehended four other suspects in the Sh94.9 million Quickmart Supermarket heist that took place on November 6. 

Police on Saturday said they were able to make the arrest after a thorough analysis of forensic evidence.

According to police, the four arrested are all employees of the courier and security company.

"Detectives pursuing suspects in the November 6 thievery of over Sh94.9 million while on transit by Wells Fargo staffers have today arrested four more suspected accomplices, all employees of the courier and security company," police said. 

Police said the four suspects will remain in custody for the rest of the weekend.

They added that the four suspects are believed to have conspired with the two prime suspects (Daniel Mugetha and Anthony Nduiki) who are still at large.

"Today's arrest makes eight the total number of suspects so far nabbed in the daring heist after four others were netted days ago and over Sh9 million recovered in a jerrycan at a house in Roysambu," police said. 

Police said investigations are still underway to track down the remaining suspects.

The suspects are being held at Capitol Hill Police Station pending arraignment at Milimani Law Courts on Monday. 

Police launched a manhunt for the two guards (Daniel Mugetha and Anthony Nduiki) who were reported to have run away with the Sh94.9 million to be delivered to a bank in Nairobi.

The money was from a vault belonging to the security firm in the Industrial Area and was to be delivered to a bank in the Central Business District when the incident happened at about 6 am, November 6.

The two on board the company’s vehicle had arrived at the vault as scheduled but left without police escort.

Police said the escort came to realise the vehicle with the money was missing minutes after it had left with the cash.

The said motor vehicle was found dumped at the Dafam area South C, next to the southern bypass, without the suspects and the money missing.

Senior police officers visited the scene and established the two escaped aboard a waiting car.

Police said the incident was new and seemed to be an inside job.

The officers who were to escort the canter involved in the heist were questioned as part of the probe into the incident.

The first four were arrested on November 11 and about Sh9.1 million of the Sh94.9 million stolen from Quickmart was recovered in Nairobi.

Police said the suspects were arrested in Rongai, Kayole and Thika Road in an operation on Saturday.

A getaway car that was used by the suspects to escape with the loot was recovered in Rongai.

It was identified through surveillance cameras on the highways where it passed from South C to Karen.

A suspect identified as the owner of the vehicle used in the escape in the heist was first arrested in Rongai before he led the police to Njiru, Kayole where two more were nabbed.

The two were found trying to modify the car to conceal its identity, police said.

It was then the suspects again led police to Kasarani, where a fourth suspect was arrested at his rented residence.

Police had earlier recovered an empty cash box in a market in Karen.

It is believed it is the place where the cash was shared among the suspects hours after the heist.