How Murang'a mom's 2 sons were murdered by eldest son who loved horror movies

• The traumatised mother narrated the tragic story to Citizen TV anchor, Lulu Hassan.


Triza Jane is a mother living with the pain of tragically losing her two sons as a result of her other son copying graphic murders he watched in movies.

Recounting her heartache to Lulu Hassan on Citizen TV a day ago, the woman said how her eldest son in 2019 killed his two younger brothers.

Lulu Hassan
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The eldest at the time was living with his father after the woman was sent to live with her in-laws in Gilgil.

She was informed of his disturbing behaviors and returned to Nairobi to take him to live with her secondborn in Muranga in 2018.

He excelled in school, as the woman called it a good decision. Soon after, she was called that the second born, 12, was found hanging in the house.  Her request for a post-mortem was discouraged. 

After the burial, she left the eldest to complete form four, then took him to live with her. 

One day they had a disagreement. The son would disappear from home often without an explanation. He would get angry when questioned.

"He told me he slept over at a friend's house." The woman doubted the story because he was new in the area and couldn't have made friends that fast.

One day after an argument, he packed his bags, announcing he was returning to his father in Nairobi.  He asked her for the keys to her shop where the last born, a 9-year-old was.

"He called the other one and asked him to escort him to the bus stop. But I felt as if he would do something harmful to my other son."

Neither son returned. The eldest returned the next day alone and insisted that he had instructed the youngest to go back home.

"We went to the police to report together,  then I told him to go and search for the young boy. I went to another police station as well as the chief to report and they told me to wait 24 hours."

Police warned her against sleeping in the same house with her eldest son, with instructions to lure him to the police station for questioning.

"We were both interrogated. He was beaten and denied he knew the whereabouts."

Eventually, police managed to get a confession out of him to show them where the boy was.

"He was killed and thrown in a toilet. Ikakuwa ni hivo. He had strangled him, postmortem showed he was alive when he was thrown in the toilet."

The eldest also confessed to killing the second born who had been found hanging in the house. 

"He killed him and hung him with a rope to show it was suicidal. What hurts me is that my children died without reason."

Woman painfully narrates how watching horror movies made her eldest son kill his two brothers.

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