Nairobi chief jailed for 2 years for receiving Sh2k bribe


• Ooko said that Kinoti while serving as an assistant chief, abused his position.

Alexander Kinoti Matiiri before Anti-corruption court Milimani court.

A Muthurwa Assistant Chief received a two-year jail sentence after it was determined that he had accepted a Sh2,000 bribe to permit a trader to operate without a license.

An alternate way to obtain Alexander Kinoti Matiiri's release was to fine him on a Sh100,000 fine.

Senior Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko, who oversees anti-corruption proceedings, stated that the prosecution had proven its case against Kinoti in count two when he sentenced the accused on Tuesday.

On the other hand, he cleared him and his fellow defendant, village chief Justus Njoroge, of counts one and three.

According to Ooko, Kinoti misused his authority as a public worker while working as an assistant chief.

"Having convicted the accused person on count two of receiving a Sh2,000 bribe, I hereby sentence him to two years in jail or pay a fine of Sh100,000", the magistrate ruled.

He was also prohibited from holding any public office by the court. Ooko added that the interior minister would have access to the verdict.

Kinoti was charged on the first count of the case, which stated that he asked Linah Ngereza Asiyo for a bribe of Sh5,000 while working as an assistant chief 2 for the public service.

According to the prosecution, he did that with the knowledge that it would allow her to run an unlicensed wine and spirit store in Muthurwa Market.

According to reports, he allegedly committed the crime in Nairobi's Muthurwa sub-county on January 25, 2021.

Kinoti was charged with a second offense of accepting payment of Sh2,000 from Ngereza to run an unlicensed wine and spirits store on the same dates and location.

The village elder Justus Njoroge Hosea and Kinoti testified in court that they had mutually agreed to accept a bribe of Sh1,800 from Ngereza in order to permit her to run her wine and spirit company without a license on January 26, 2021.

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