Police arrest suspect in Eastleigh woman abduction case


• Shankara Adan Hassan, 39 has been missing since October 12, the family said.

Shankara Adan Hassan, 39 is missing since October 12, 2023
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Police are looking into a case where a woman who was selling drinks at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was abducted on her way to work.

39-year-old Shankara Adan Hassan has not been seen since October 12. Her relatives said that their search for her had been fruitless.

According to her family, she has been selling tea in the airport's cargo area. According to family-produced documents, she was born in Mandera.

She was travelling to JKIA in a cab from Eastleigh Section 3 when it was flagged down by individuals posing as police officers.

According to the driver, he pulled over near the Likoni bridge on Likoni Road in Nairobi. Other assertions are made. In Eastleigh, on Yusuf Haji Road, a short distance from her home, the incident occurred.

The motorist reported the incident to the Industrial Area and claimed that when he passed the salon car, men in it flagged him down. At around 10:00 pm, the incident took place.

After he pulled over, the two passengers stopped as a police officer in full uniform stepped out and told the female passenger to board their car.

The driver was then informed that she was wanted and that she was being escorted to Shauri Moyo Police Station for questioning.

The driver claimed that the woman had been his client and that he frequently picked her up in Eastleigh and dropped her off at the airport.

He immediately called and told the victim's family about what had happened, and when they arrived at Shauri Moyo Police Station they were shocked to discover that their sister had vanished.

According to police, the motor vehicle's registration number that the victim was made to board was not recorded.

Police seized the driver and interrogated him. This came about after it turned out he was giving conflicting details about the incident.

The woman's family claims they haven't been able to locate her since that time. Nobody has gotten in touch.

They want the police to look into the matter and determine how and why the alleged hijackers took her. They are unaware of the incident's cause.

Police said they are looking into the incident and at this point have no idea who might be responsible or what their motivation was.

Leaders from North Eastern Kenya urged the president to keep his word and put an end to enigmatical disappearances.

“These disappearances used to be in the last government, in this government we thought they would come to an end and here we are,” Mandera East MP Hussein Waitan said.

Lagdera MP Abdikadir Mohammed added: “Just these few days someone disappeared in Bura another one in Ijara, I think the president needs to come out and crack the whip.”

The taxi driver is expected to be arraigned Monday, police said amid the search for the woman.

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