How Nairobi boda boda riders are being r@ped by their female clients

• One man even said he had undergone the horrible act 4 times.

Boda Bodas
Image: The-Star

A  story that appeared today in the Taifa Leo has left many Kenyans online astounded. The reason for their shock is that the Aga Khan-owned paper posted a story where they interviewed several boda boda riders who claimed that they had been victims of r@pe.

And how do these men get into these tragic situations? According to the article, the men are normally trapped when they help carry their female customer's luggage/goods into their homes.

In one case, a rider from Kawangware who had dealt with the client for 7 months prior explained how he had been coerced to have physical action with the lady or she would scream.

"I arrived at the house and unloaded my client's load but before I left, my client closed the door. Little by little I saw my client without clothes. I tried as much as I could to defend myself, he threatened me that he would shout," said the bodaboda.

In another case, a boda rider from Kangemi who is also a father of 4 narrated how he had been r@ped four times!

The man explained how he had helped the lady carry a cabinet into her home before all hell broke.

"Suddenly the agenda changes. In one case, I took the cabinet to the customer's house and immediately he closed the door and forced me to have physical action with her," says the waitress.

Why don't the boda boda riders report the crimes?

They both said that they feared their side of the story wouldn't be believed if the women gave her own version.

"I hesitate to come forward that I have been r@ped. In this country, police officers cannot be trusted. Another thing, society cannot accept that I have been r@ped. Things will be turned upside down because people will ask the woman who r@ped you to come forward?" he sadly said.

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