Tout fatally stabbed in argument over a passenger


• The alleged killer grabbed a knife from a nearby hawker selling smokies and used it to stab his colleague.

Crime Scene
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An argument over passengers on Nairobi's Tom Mboya Street resulted in one tout being fatally stabbed by another, and the event is currently being investigated by detectives.

The authorities claim that the involved touts are members of other matatu Saccos that run on the same routes.

After a dispute between the two touts over where to park to pick up passengers travelling to the Kasarani route, the event happened on Sunday night.

After being stabbed in the neck, 31-year-old tout Jairus Nyutu Nuthu bled to death.

Police suspect the attacker, who works for a Sacco on the Nairobi-Mwiki-Kasarani route, fled the area and has not yet been found.

When one of the touts took a knife from a neighbouring hawker selling eggs and smokies and used it to stab his colleague, the argument turned violent.

Police reports state that the attacker had been stalking his victim for a while before starting the altercation that resulted in the stabbing.

Nyutu Nuthu was mortally injured when the attacker dropped the weapon and fled.

Adamson Bungei, the head of the Nairobi police, acknowledged that no arrests had been made as of yet and that search efforts to find the attacker were still ongoing.

"The fighting started at the Mwiki-Kasarani-Matatu stop along Tom Mboya Street before they ended up at the location where the stabbing occurred," Bungei said.

In addition to Nyutu Nuthu's body being transported to the mortuary pending an examination, the murder weapon was found at the scene.

Conflicts between matatu groups about where to pick up passengers are a recurrent problem that frequently calls for police intervention.

Police have attributed the tendency to the operators' lack of discipline.

The users of the disputed bus stop will meet to decide how to function, according to officials.

In the meantime, a three-year-old boy was tragically killed in Kirua, Meru County, while using a ladder to climb a miraa tree.

According to the boy's parents, he climbed the ladder up to the miraa tree to copy what he had been seeing before he slid and fell but managed to cling on to his shirt.

The child was choked by his shirt that was attached to the ladder.

Long after he had passed away, his body was located on the ladder. According to his parents, they weren't there when the incident took place.

Police responded to the site and took the body to the mortuary for an autopsy and investigation.

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