Suspected thug shot dead, Three police officers wounded during shoot out


• Three police officers were also shot and wounded as they confronted the suspect on Sunday night.

Crime Scene Tape
Image: FILE

A suspected thug was shot and killed in a confrontation with detectives and a pistol recovered from him in Kasarani, Nairobi.

Three police officers were also shot and wounded as they confronted the suspect on Sunday night.

Witnesses and police said the suspect was using his wife and two young children as a human shield as he engaged cops who had cornered him in his house.

Fearing to harm the children and the woman, the officers from the Operations Support Unit hesitated to fire back which gave the suspect room to shoot at the detectives injuring three in the stomach and legs.

According to police, it took one of the detectives a brave move to eliminate the suspect through a window.

“There were two rooms and he had barricaded himself in one of them with his children and wife as he fired at the officers injuring two as others took cover,” said an officer.

The officers then took the wife and children to safety as they combed the house for more weapons. A Ceska pistol was recovered.

Director of Criminal Investigations Mohamed Amin, visited the detectives who were injured while pursuing the robbery suspects.

He explained the slain suspect was among suspects who escaped a shooting incident on September 14 where his three accomplices were killed and an AK-47 rifle recovered in a police chase spanning two counties, Migori and Kisii.

The suspect was killed on Sunday in Kasarani but an accomplice escaped the scene.

During the drama in Kisii, the gang had boarded a TVS motorcycle believed to be their transport means to targeted spots and to get away, oblivious of the ultimate justice that heeled close by. 

Detectives who had been trailing them for over 60 kilometres caught up with them and ordered them to stop in Kisii's Corner Mbaya area.

During the incident, an AK47, a magazine with 21 bullets, a Rambo dagger, a machete, and a TVS were recovered.

Amin said they are pursuing another suspect who is on the run.

“We will not relent until we find the missing suspect. We are pursuing him,” he said on Sunday.

He added detectives have enhanced operations to address crimes in various parts of the country.