Meru county woman killed in fight with ex-bf over TV set


• The man claimed the deceased went to his house armed with a stone and started to remove a television set, welding machine, and grinder to sell them.

Crime Scene
Image: Courtesy

In a village in Meru County, a 40-year-old lady lost her life after fighting with her ex-boyfriend over a television.

The ex-boyfriend allegedly struck the woman in the head after she allegedly attempted to break into his home in Muringombugi village.

A television, a welding machine, and a grinder were among the items the dead allegedly started removing from the man's home with a stone in hand in order to sell them.

The woman suffered serious head injuries as a result of the subsequent battle between the two.

The woman had severe head injuries when they arrived at the house, and the male later reported the incident. After the Tuesday morning incident, the suspect was taken into custody.

He informed the authorities that after their disagreement some months prior, the woman left the residence and didn't return until Tuesday.

Two chairs, a stone, and a white tablecloth with bloodstains were found and retained as evidence, according to the police. Prior to an autopsy, the body was taken to the mortuary.

According to police, the suspect was scheduled to appear in court where they planned to request further time so they could finish their investigation.

In Mukurweini, Nyeri County, a 34-year-old man passed away from wounds he received as a result of an assault.

According to the police, the event took place in Kimondo Village, and after being brought to a nearby hospital, the guy passed away. The said assailant is still being sought after.

In Gimaran village, Serem in Vihiga county, a 59-year-old man died after complaining of pain. The event is under investigation by police.

The body of Fanuel Gomogi, who was identified, was discovered in his sister's home without any obvious wounds.

He had been brought home by a man who claimed to have found him on the road unable to get home on foot. In order to determine the cause of death, the body was transferred to the mortuary.

According to the police, they discovered some illegal narcotics in his pocket.

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