How Maina Njenga's abductors showed concern for his safety after kidnapping

• The former Mungiki leader had claimed that he was taken by unknown people on Saturday evening.

Maina Njenga
Image: The-Star

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has recounted his interesting tale of how he was abducted on Sunday by unknown people.

Yesterday Maina started out by telling the press how his abductors had taken him to a place in Naivasha and said that he had been blindfolded and forced into a vehicle on Saturday.

That was just the beginning as after 2 hours of being driven at a fast speed, he was then transferred to another vehicle while still being blindfolded and tied up.

"We got to the house and they led me up the stairs up to the sixth floor and then go to a tiny room with a mattress and dimly lit, this is unimaginable torture," he said.

After his abductors released him on Sunday evening,  they surprisingly gave him Ksh2,000 to get a bodaboda (motorbike) home.

"We got into the car to head home, about two hours later they stopped and told me to find my way home. They gave me Ksh2,000 for a motorbike," he stated.

And that wasn't the most fascinating fact!  His kidnappers were apparently concerned for his safety and even told him to inform them when he got home.

Njenga would later go on to condemn the behaviour adding that Kenya was out of the Nyayo-era where Kenyans would be bundled up in vehicles and taken to unknown places to be tortured.

He stressed that he knew who had abducted him hinting that they were police officers disguising themselves with masks and balaclavas.

"When you are arrested you should be taken to a police station where your family can come visit not be taken to unknown houses for torture and interrogation," he remarked.

Do you believe that Maina was really abducted?

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