Suspect behind murder of DCI officer Mayaka killed in Kayole


• Police said John Kamau aka Faruk, was killed by police bullets as he fought a group of detectives who had cornered him at his hideout in the Soweto area.

Crime Scene
Image: FILE

In a spectacular shootout in Kayole, Nairobi, on Tuesday morning, a suspect connected to the murder of an investigator with the Directorate of Criminal Investigation was fatally shot.

According to authorities, John Kamau, also known as Faruk, was shot and murdered by police when he was battling a squad of detectives who had trapped him at his hideout in the Soweto neighbourhood.

Faruk shot and injured one of the officers who were out to arrest him prompting the other colleagues to open fire killing him.

The suspect was found to be in possession of a weapon that was allegedly used to shoot Detective David Mayaka during an attack in Mihango on August 8.

When the firearm—a Ceska pistol—was found on Faruk, the police reported that it was loaded with 12 bullets.

The head of the Nairobi police, Adamson Bungei, reported that the injured officer was taken to a hospital and is doing well.

On Tuesday at around 4 am, a team of investigators from the prestigious Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, situated at the DCI Nairobi regional command, followed Faruk to his home.

He was told to submit in a standoff as they encircled the home. Instead, according to Bungei, he opened fire and wounded one cop.

“This forced the other officers to fatally injure the suspect. We wanted him to face justice,” Bungei said.

After shooting and killing Mayaka in an ambush while he changed the tyre on his car on 8 August, Faruk and two other men were on the run from police for several weeks.

Since that time, he has been hopping between homes in Kayole.

In Kikuyu, Kiambu, his other accomplice Alex Wanjiru, 23, was discovered hiding in his grandmother's home.

The day of his arrest was August 15.

After the event, according to the police, he ran away from Kayole and sought safety in his grandmother's house in Ruthingiti, Kikuyu Subcounty, where he remained until detectives found him.

According to a team of investigators managing the case, they located the two at the crime scene and found the motorbike that was employed as the incident's gateway vehicle.

Last week, the motorbike was found by the police.

After conducting in-depth forensic investigations that put the suspect and his conspirators at the location of the crime and at the precise moment of the murder, the team was able to recover the motorbike.

According to DCI director Mohamed Amin, a thorough investigation by ballistic specialists stationed at the DCI National Forensic Lab has since connected the fatal pistol, a C2, to five other robbery instances in the city.

Detectives have so far also tracked down the sole other suspect connected to the most heinous homicide.