Driver sexually assaults turnboy before throwing him out speeding truck


• The young man met the driver at the carwash where he was washing cars where the driver was a regular customer. 

Crime Scene Tape
Image: FILE

A 24-year-old man is lucky to be alive after being thrown out of a speeding truck by his driver. However, before being thrown out, the young man claims to have been sexually assaulted by the driver who had given him a job as his assistant.

According to a statement published by human rights defender and ambassador Njeri Migwi, the young man had been given a job as an assistant to the driver and they were transporting cargo together to different countries.

The young man had opened his car washing business on the road from Nairobi to Nakuru where the driver was often his customer.

After a while, they got to know each other and the young man told the driver that his dream was to be a long-distance truck driver but it didn't work out and that's why he ended up washing cars.

"The truck driver would pass by to wash his car, after a while he became a regular customer. When he lost his 'turnboy', he offered K the opportunity to come and work for him. K closed his carwash and went to follow his passion," Njeri Migwi explained in part.

They left for Mombasa, Tanzania and back. On the way back to Mombasa, the driver started hitting on him, but he immediately rejected him.

The criminal took out a knife and put it to his throat, raped and kicked him while the truck was moving.

According to Migwi, the young man was picked up by good samaritans who took him to the hospital and he was given drugs to prevent any infection.

“K is on the bus to Nairobi, and we would like to keep him for a month for psychological support and to make sure he takes his medication.

We will also bring him a phone. When he finishes he can go back and rent a house and start his life again. Maybe go back for treatment and counseling," Migwi said.

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