Kasarani man kills his 2 kids, dies by suicide


• The bodies of the children aged five and three were found in the house on Tuesday.

Crime Scene
Image: Courtesy

Police are looking into a case in Sunton, Kasarani, where a dad killed his two children before committing suicide.

Following the murder on Tuesday evening, the bodies of the two kids, ages five and three, were discovered inside the home.

Long after he had passed away, their father Oliver Kimathi's body was discovered hanging from a truss. According to authorities, his wife was not home at the time of the event.

Before the woman left the house while the children, the casual labourer, and a house girl remained inside, the couple reportedly clashed and had disagreements.

A short while later, the husband called the housegirl and instructed her to go speak with his wife, who was at a location he knew.

Nairobi police chief Adamson Bungei said that the house girl left the residence and came back about an hour later with the wife.

When they tried to enter their residence, they discovered that the gate was shut, making it necessary for them to seek assistance.

To jump over the gate, they employed a neighbour. They then forced through the house's door and entered where they discovered the two children's bodies.

They had been stabbed and struck with a blunt object. The man's body was later discovered by the wife, the housemaid, and some neighbours.

In preparation for an autopsy and investigation, police were called to the scene and assisted in moving the bodies to the mortuary.

Police claim that they are looking into the matter and have not yet determined the cause. Police in Mandera town stated they are looking into a case where a guy killed his stepbrother after a fight.

After the incident on August 8, the identified suspect crossed the border into nearby Somalia via Bulahawa. According to the police, they are coordinating with their counterparts in Somalia to extradite the culprit.

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