Couple sells 8-month-old child to buy iPhone 14

• It's not the first time that the couple tried to find an iPhone in dust and dirt as it was reported the first time they tried to sell their 7-year-old son but they didn't find a buyer.

iPhone 14 Pro Max
Image: Commons Wikimedia

A sad case has been reported in the state of Bengal in India where a couple has reportedly auctioned off their 18-day-old child to get money to buy an iPhone for creating Instagram Reels.

According to the Indian Times, the West Bengal Police managed to arrest the mother known as 'Sathi' who was involved in selling their child.

However, the father, Jaydev, is still in hiding, and the authorities are actively searching for him. The incident came to light when concerned neighbours noticed some peculiar changes in the behavior of the Ghosh family.

The eight-month-old child had been missing for days, but the parents did not show any signs of concern or suspicion.

Moreover, their sudden purchase of an iPhone 14, which costs a fortune, raised suspicion among the neighbors, given that the family was known to have financial problems in the past.

When neighbors confronted the mother, she finally admitted under pressure that she and her husband had sold their child to get money to buy an iPhone, enabling them to create Instagram reels showing their travels in different parts of Bengal.

Even more shockingly, it was revealed that before trying to sell their infant son, the father had also tried to sell their older child.

The police have opened a case against the couple, and the mother who bought the child is also facing charges of human trafficking.

The investigation is still ongoing, and more details will be released once the police have thoroughly investigated the case.

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