Mom who killed toddler and ate body parts explains why she did it

Naserian, 24, was a Fourth Year Commerce student

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Naserian is expected to appear for the hearing on May 8.

• She is alleged to have killed her child after she parted ways with the child's father.

olivia naiserian
olivia naiserian

The 24-year-old woman who killed and fed on the body parts of her daughter has blamed it on mental illness. She has been detained for ten days pending investigation.

A Kajiado court on Tuesday ordered the detention of Olivia Naiserian who is facing murder charges after allegedly killing her two-year-old daughter.

The woman is said to have chopped her baby into pieces with a knife before eating parts of her internal organs.

Olivia Naserian is accused of murdering her daughter Glory Njeri at their home in Kitengela's Milimani Estate on Sunday, April 23.

She then started to ingest her insides before neighbours alerted the police, who arrived at the scene and apprehended her.

The Nation newspaper claimed it interviewed her shortly before she was arrested on Monday and during that moment told the publication how she hates herself. She also blamed it on suffering, without elaborating on her comments.

"Ninajichukia mwenyewe. Sijipendi ndio maana niliua mtoto wangu. Nimepitia magumu na huyu mtoto.( I hate myself. I suffer from low self-esteem and that is why I killed my child. I have gone through a lot with my daughter)," Ms. Naserian is quoted as having told the Nation.

While not mentioning the kinds of suffering she has undergone with her baby, she explains she first wanted to take her own life before changing her mind and turning the knife to her daughter, stabbing her multiple times, in a horrific sight.

The woman's heartbreaking act was recorded by neighbors who attempted to save the baby by breaking the door but were too late. When they gained access, the child was already dead.

Her parents were not home at the time of the incident. Olivia is currently being detained at the Kitengela Police Station as detectives carry on with investigations.

"It’s a bizarre incident. We will be interrogating her to ascertain the motive of the killing. We also want to know if the murder was premeditated," police say.

She appeared before Chief Magistrate Jane Kamau on Tuesday who ordered that Naserian remain in police custody for another 10 days to allow police officers to complete their investigations.


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