Harrowing last words whispered by slain Nyamira headteacher

Love triangle cause for Nyamira teacher death

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Gitangwa was reported missing by his wife Gladys Achoki.

• Detectives suspect Gitangwa was in a romantic relationship with Agneta Agwata, a nurse. 

Slain Nyamira teacher Ezekiel Nkeere Gitangwa
Image: courtesy

Ezekiel Gitangwa, the teacher found dead in a nurse's home, pleaded for mercy from his killers. His brother James Maganda told the Nation that his brother was supposedly lured to his death by acquaintances.

Neighbours told James that the headteacher was heard inside a house pleading and asking why they wanted to kill him

''Why did you call me to come and kill me? I was heading to the church," the brother told Nation about the overheard conversation.

Ezekiel might have been killed in a suspected love triangle according to investigations.

Detectives suspect Gitangwa was in a romantic relationship with Agneta Agwata, a nurse at Nyamaiya health centre.

Ezekiel Gitangwa was reported missing on December 30 by his wife Gladys Bonareri via OB 30/01/01/2023.

According to a police report, Ezekiel was dropped by a bodaboda rider at Egesieri village along the Nyamira Miruka Highway on the same day.

The police report further indicates that intelligence led them to the house of a nurse within Nyamira town where the body was discovered wrapped in a carpet.

According to villagers who have spoken to the police, Gitangwa was not the only man in Agneta’s life. Apparently, Agneta who had since gone missing is a person of interest.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that she was arrested in Nakuru on Monday, January 2, 2023.

The men who are now persons of interest in the investigation have been frequent visitors at Agneta’s house for unknown reasons, police say.

Police are trying to establish whether Ezekiel walked into a trap and who else could have been involved in his murder.

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