Granny killer: Details of Lari woman who killed grandson

A knife
A knife

Police in Lari is investigating a case in which a 60-year-old woman is alleged to have killed her grandson aged four years.

It was reported that the woman stabbed the boy on his chest and head on Friday evening before running away.

The killing was discovered shortly after when one of their neighbours went to the home and found the boy's body lying in a pool of blood.

"A woman who had gone to that home found the body and started screaming alarming neighbours who went to see what was happening.  The boy's grandmother was not at home," James Mureithi, a neighbour said.

Mureithi added that police were called and before they arrived, the grandmother was found hiding inside a hole.

"The woman was found hiding inside a hole. She was pulled out and people started interrogating her," he added.

Area sub-county police commander Adamson Furaha on Saturday confirmed the incident saying the woman is being interrogated by detectives and that investigation had been launched.

Kiambu senate aspirant John Mugwe sent a message of condolences to the family.

Mugwe urged residents who are going through stressful situations to talk over the issues with a close family member, a pastor or even a counsellor.

"Losing such a small child to murder is very sad. Police need to establish what really happened, and if at all the woman is involved, find out what led to her action," he said. 

"If she was stressed, people should learn to share their issues. We do not have to let stress control our lives," Mugwe said.

Furaha revealed that once they complete investigations, the woman will be arraigned in Kiambu High Court Monday with a murder charge.

"We are holding her as the main suspect. We are collecting evidence and once we finish, we shall arraign her on Monday to face murder charges," he said.

The police boss also thanked residents for not taking matters into their hands and lynching the suspect, adding that she was helping them with investigations.

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