A KK security guard on duty at Prime Bank during the Ksh 2.3m robbery, Tobias Juma arrested in Bungoma
MONEY HEIST: A KK security guard on duty at Prime Bank during the Ksh 2.3m robbery, Tobias Juma arrested in Bungoma

In response to a heist that occurred last week in Nakuru and resulted in the theft of Sh2.3 million, Prime Bank has increased security at all of its branches across the nation.

The bank informed depositors in a statement that their money is secure and said that additional security measures have been taken to ensure the safety of monies.

"We want to reassure our depositors that their money is secure while it is in our care."

The institution said that its stringent security measures would deter any suspicious activities in and near the banking halls and ATM booths.

According to a police report from the event last week, Tobias Juma, a KK security guard who was on duty, let five criminals into the Nakuru branch of the bank at the Westside Mall on Kenyatta Avenue through the main door of the bank.

After breaking into the banking area, they took control of the employees and led them to the restrooms, where they locked them up while they searched the drawers and stole the money.

“The robbers, armed with a homemade gun, hammer, knives, and a panga, forced their way into the banking hall where they held nine employees, hostage, before making away with the cash,’’ police said.

A hammer, a Huawei smartphone, Sh1,000 cash, and one handmade gun were all found by police at the scene.

The security guard who was on duty at the time of the event at 4:30 pm has subsequently been detained in Bumula, Bungoma County, and is helping the police with their investigation.

Even as they hunt the criminals who are rumoured to have escaped on motorcycles, police believe the robbery to be an inside operation.

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