City assassination on Thika Road puzzles police

Here is today's crime round up.

Gun, crime
Gun, crime

Police are looking for a gang that shot and killed a lorry driver along Thika Road, Nairobi in a cold blood incident.

The driver was driving a lorry collecting garbage on the highway and had stopped at the Utalii tunnel when a gunman with an AK47 rifle who was being driven in a salon car that was trailing the truck struck.

He shot the driver in the head and chest killing him on the spot.

Six other attendants on the lorry and who were loading the garbage were not harmed but were left shocked.

The salon car sped off soon after the incident and the motive is yet to be known.


A 27 year old man was last evening arrested after he stabbed and killed his sister in a domestic dispute in Makongeni, Nairobi.

The suspect identified as Patrick Mutunga used a kitchen knife to kill Sylvia Kamene after an argument in their house.

He was arrested hours later and the killer weapon recovered.

Police say they are yet to know the motive of the incident and are investigating the incident.

In Shauri Moyo, the body of unidentified man was found on the roadside after a suspected murder. Police said the man seems to have been killed elsewhere and the body dumped at the scene.


A bodaboda rider was shot and injured before being robbed of Sh170,000 in an incident in Nairobi’s Kayole area.

The victim had been given the cash from a local supermarket to bank the same when he was ambushed by two men riding on a motorcycle few meters from the bank.

He was shot in the leg and hand by one the men before they grabbed the cash and sped off in the 1 pm incident.

Police say they are yet to get the gunmen and believe they had prior information about the cash.


Police are looking for a driver of a Chinese construction company over claims he may have stolen Sh2 million from his employer along Langata Road, Nairobi.

A Chinese working at the Uhuru Gardens Museum told police the driver identified as Peter Brian is missing with her safe that was in her room.

This was after the room, which acted as an office was broken into. The driver is yet to be found and efforts to trace him are ongoing. The money was meant to pay workers at the construction site.

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