Rongai robbery: More details emerge


• A team of detectives from the Special Service Unit believes the attackers were led by a former rogue police officer who is now on the run.

on Sunday, June 12, 2022.
A screen grab of the CCTV footage of the robbery on Sunday, June 12, 2022.
Image: Twitter

Police handling the probe into an attack on a female motorist in Ongata Rongai have recovered more household electronic appliances that were stolen from the house at the weekend.

This is in addition to earlier recoveries made, including one pistol and items of clothes belonging to the robbers caught on CCTV.

Police say the items were recovered in Kawangware last night in an operation. Four suspects are in custody in connection with the attack that has raised security concerns in the area.

However, a prime suspect believed to be the head of the gang behind the attack and others that have happened in the area is yet to be arrested. The gang leader and four other suspects are at large.

Meanwhile, two more suspects linked to a bizarre attack on a female motorist in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado County, have been arrested.

The two were traced to a hideout in Kawangware, Nairobi. They have told police that they were at the scene of the incident, an officer aware of the probe told Mpasho.

The arrest of the two men brings to five, the number of suspects so far in custody over the dramatic attack that was captured on CCTV cameras in the Kandisi area.

Two others, including an Mpesa agent, were Monday arrested in Mwiki after a man withdrew Sh240,000 that had been stolen at the shop.

They were produced in court and police were allowed more time to hold them as investigations go on. Residents complained that the attacks have been ongoing in the area with no or little action from police.

On the day that the woman was attacked as she drove to her house, three other houses were also raided and occupants were robbed of cash and valuables including electronics and jewelry.

The couple in the Sunday attack has been questioned together with their house girl over the incident.

Police said Geoffrey Otieno had said that he was away when the incident happened Sunday morning.

His wife, aged 32, had been out on Saturday and was attacked as she drove home from the joint in the township near their home in Kandisi.

According to the woman, when she arrived home, she called the house help to open the gate for her.

She waited for almost a minute as the house help pushed open the gate without knowing a gang that had trailed her for a few meters was racing towards the gate.

The gate opened and she drove in. And before she could park, she said she saw her maid rush back to the house. She knew things were thick.

The gang had attacked at gunpoint and was on her window. One of the thugs went for the house help in vain as she vanished upstairs and joined the couple’s two young children in their room and locked it.

Outside, the gang was after the woman demanding she opens the car door. One of the gunmen pointed a pistol at her demanding that she opens the door in vain.

He then used a panga to smash the window of her Mercedes Benz S350 car and forced her out.

They grabbed an unknown amount of money from her and other electronic goods before escaping. The husband arrived home the following day to a shaken family.

The maid and their two children were not harmed as they hid in their bedroom leaving the gang that was in hurry to leave with the mother of the house downstairs.

A team of detectives from the Special Service Unit believes the attackers were led by a former rogue police officer who is now on the run.

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