Jowie and Jacque Maribe visit late Monica Kimani's apartment in murder trial

The court took suspects Jowie and Maribe to the murder scene

• The late Monica Kimani told friends Jowie was an Interpol officer.

• A phone trail puts Jowie's number at the murder scene.

Jacque Maribe with Jowie Irungu in the past
Image: Courtesy

A Nairobi court took the Monica Kimani trial proceedings to the apartment where the late businesswoman was murdered.

The media wasn't allowed into the apartment complex while presiding judge, Grace Nzioka, Jacque Maribe, Jowie Irungu and other members of the court surveyed the scene of Monica Kimani's murder.

Jacque and Jowie are charged with the murder of  Kimani in Kilimani on September 19, 2018.

Jowie is the first accused in the murder trial of Monica. He is charged alongside Jacque Maribe.

On May, 2022, the court heard that Jowie Irungu’s phone number was traced to the Denis Pritt Road apartment where businesswoman Monica Kimani resided on the night she was murdered.

the apartment where Monica Kimani was killed
Lamuria Gardens, the apartment where Monica Kimani was killed
Image: Annette Wambulwa

Monica’s body was found at her Lamuria Gardens apartment which is located on Kitale Lane off Denis Pritt road in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Jonathan Limo, an officer from DCI and seconded to Safaricom law enforcement, told Justice Grace Nzioka he received a request letter from DCI requiring data records of Jowie, Maribe and two lines belonging to Monica.

He was to extract details of their numbers from September 1, 2018 to September 30 in the same year. He is the 33rd witness in the case. 

He said Jowie’s number was traced at Denis Pritt on September 19 from 16.33hrs to 21.03 hrs. At 21.9hrs it was located in Kileleshwa.

Still on the same day, at around 23.52hrs, the phone was located at DOD headquarters and four minutes later, it was traced at Nairobi Gospel of God.

Maribe’s number was traced at Denis Pritt Road on September 19 from 5:28 to 9.45pm.

The witness told the court that from the data records, Monica’s line was in communication with that of Jowie on September 1.

And at 9.32pm, Monica’s number was located in Kileleshwa. At exactly 11:06pm the phone could no longer be traced.

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