• The liquor was kept in 20 plastic super drums.

• The residents have been warned against illicit brews and urged to venture into legally acceptable businesses.

farm Ndhiwa
Security officers destroy illicit brew in a sugar cane farm Ndhiwa

A chang’aa brewer who has been allegedly using dogs to scare away security officers from her den has been arrested in Ndhiwa.

The woman,aged about 40 years, and her accomplices are said to have been using dogs to guard their den at Kachola village in South Kanyamwa.

The dogs barked to alert them of any approaching strangers.

The den is situated on a sugar cane plantation of about five acres.

A team of chiefs led by Kajwang' assistant chief Enos Nyawade who serves as the operations manager in Kobodo division raided the den on Monday.

The chiefs first got a tip-off from residents.  

However, when they were about to reach the den, three dogs barked before the suspects sent them to attack the chiefs.

This was ostensibly done to give the suspects room for escaping.

Nyawade said they had a difficult time planning their move and looking for the suspects.

“We had to fight the dogs first and upon beating them we ran after the suspects,” the assistant chief said.

He said most of them disappeared but they got hold of the woman.

“We are pursuing the escapees,” Nyawade said.

The suspect was taken to Kobodo police post before being transferred to Ndhiwa police station.

The chiefs found 2,570 litres of illicit alcohol locally known as kangara. 

The liquor was kept in 20 plastic super drums.

Nyawade said they destroyed the brew by pouring it down.

“The brewers were manufacturing the drug in a very bushy part of the plantation. We poured it and confiscated the containers,” Nyawade said.

The administrator warned residents against illicit brews. He urged them to venture into legally acceptable businesses.

“We will not relax in the crackdown on illicit brews. Nobody will be spared. There are many business opportunities acceptable by the law which our people can do,” he said.

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