• Police said they are looking for 32-year-old Peter Kamau Kuria following the death of a woman aged about 25.

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A man is on the run after he allegedly pushed his girlfriend from the fifth floor of an apartment in Nairobi’s Drive Inn area.

Police said they are looking for 32-year-old Peter Kamau Kuria following the death of a woman aged about 25.

The woman had joined Kuria in his house on Thursday morning before a commotion was heard from the house.

Tenants of the apartment told police they heard a thud on the ground floor and on checking, they saw the woman’s motionless body in a pool of blood.

She had cracked her skull and died at the scene during the 2 am incident.

Police were called to the scene and established Kuria was missing from his house which had been locked.

Guards at the apartment are among those who were questioned over the incident. 

Nairobi police boss James Mugera said they are looking for the man for questioning.

“We don’t know what transpired but we are looking for a known suspect for more information,” he said.

The body was taken to the mortuary for identification and autopsy.


In Embakasi, a boy aged 11  broke his jaw, both hands and right leg after he jumped off the third floor of their school after he was punished by the institution management.

Police said they were informed the boy was in hospital after the jump in an attempted suicide after he was punished for absenteeism.

Police said they are investigating the incident.

And police are looking for a gunman who shot and seriously injured a tout in Allsop's area.

The gunman is said to have escaped soon after the 8 pm incident and the motive is yet to be known.

The tout was injured in the hand. This was after the bullet pierced through the windshield and hit the tout who was in the back seat. The tout was rushed to the hospital where he was attended to amid the hunt for the gunman.

Two spent cartridges were recovered from the scene and taken for ballistic analysis.

Elsewhere, a suspected thug was last night shot and killed in Nairobi’s South B area and a pistol was found on him.

Police say the man was riding on a motorcycle and was trailed for a long after a robbery in Industrial Area in the city.

An accomplice managed to escape the drama and the police say they are looking for him.

Cases of armed robbery have been on the rise in the city prompting police to take action to tame the trend.

Mugera said they have deployed more personnel to address the cases.

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