• Kenyans want the unidentified lady arrested for child endangerment 

• The said lady is seen enjoying weed while holding the toddler in front of her

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Kenyans on Twitter are calling upon the DCI to swiftly locate and arrest a lady who was seen giving her toddler bhang in a video that has been making rounds in the social app.

I just like other Kenyans was wondering what possessed her to record and post the video? Was she high? Did she want 15 seconds of fame?

And can you imagine the things she does not post?

In the said video the lady takes a long puff of the illegal substance then blows the smoke into the young toddler's mouth then giggles.

The toddler, a young speaks incoherently into the camera before turning to the lady who gives her another puff. The toddler is then seen rubbing her eyes as the smoke seems to irritate her before the lady cuts shot the video.

What caught my attention is the reaction of the little baby girl, the child was behaving like this was not a one-time thing which is beyond saddening.

Kenyans reacted differently to the video with most being beyond disgusted and furious over such an innocent baby being introduced to abusive substances involuntarily.

One user went ahead to actually try and justify the act saying that it is a traditional practice among the Luo used to apparently eradicate respiratory diseases.

The netizen Kello_denno wrote. " This is a common practice in Luo culture. It is called ' Fito Nyathi' although not how it's being done here. The baby is supposed to sniff the smoke through the nose, it eradicates some respiratory diseases. No wonder wajaka ukuwa kichwa nguu by default."

However, other netizens replied to his tweet some insisting that they had never heard of such a practice while others pointed out that ground tobacco is used and not marijuana.

While other Kenyans blamed absentee dads for such child endangerment behaviors citing that if the dad was around the lady would not have even had the mind to light the blunt in the house.

@mentalsafezone wrote, "the missing father is the bigger curse... He should be with the child... Why did he leave the child!!!"

While @kamau266 echoed the same sentiments saying, " huwezi pata mtoto akona baba akifanyiwa upuzi kama hii... single mothership is the biggest curse that has ever happened to parenting."

What are your thoughts on all this?

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