• Dennis Karani Gachoki was named as a suspect by police searching for the killers of Samuel Mugoh Muvota

• Dennis had earlier surrendered himself to the police after they put out a wanted poster for him.

at court
Dennis Karani at court
Image: Douglas O'kiddy

A man suspected to be the driver in the murder of controversial businessman in Nairobi’s Mirema Drive has been detained for 14 days pending investigations.

In a miscellaneous application filed in court by investigating officer Kapario Lekakeny, claims that Dennis Karani was the driver of the vehicle that was used at the murder scene of Samuel Mugo Muvota.

The officer told Court that he needed 14 days to enable them complete investigations.  

The suspect is alleged to have been found at the scene of murder and the investigations are ongoing on the murder of Muvota. 

"I implore the court to take notice of the clip going viral on social media where one man was captured by CCTV footage. For clearance of doubt, the crime was committed by more than two people as it is seen that the person who commited the murder fled to the car that was parked", the court was told. 

Karani is suspected to be behind the wheel. He is also suspected to be in possession of a firearm. 

"We require 14 days which is sufficient and need to travel to Mombasa, Nakuru and Kiambu where it is believed the suspect has houses and the firearm is in", Lekakeny said.

The suspected told the court that he had no objection to the investigations and said he was ready for the investigations. 

Karani appeared before Milimani senior resident magistrate Caroline Muthoni and allowed the police to detain Karani at Kasarani police station for 14 days.The case will be mentioned on June 8.

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