Househelp speaks after man stones his mum and brother to death

House help says the victim had intended to kill her as well

• The deceased were identified as Peninah Njoki Kimani and Maina Karibu.

• The suspect is to go through a mental assessment.

Police line

The househelp to the 23 -year-old man who stoned his mum and 7-year-old brother to death in Kamulu has revealed their last minutes.

In an interview with Citizen TV, the lady identified as Georgina says she only survived because she was quick to run away from the suspect David Kimani.

"I was out when I found he had beaten his mum. I went out to call for help only for me to hear cries coming from the house.

When I got closer he called me and told me, 'Georgina kuja, bado wewe', meaning Georgina come, you are the only one remaining."

A neighbor came to help only for Kimani to hit him with a stone.

"I ran away. A neighbor came to help just when he wanted to take away the stone he was holding he hit him (the neighbor) with it."

A friend of the deceased said they were supposed to meet but he got late only to be called and told Peninah had been murdered. We were supposed to meet for some business meeting but I got late. We were to meet around 10/11 am.

Within 30 minutes I was called only to find Peninah murdered by her own son. I talked to the suspect and he says he does not know what he did."

David Kimani used stones to hit the two in the head killing them in their house on Tuesday morning.

The deceased were identified as Peninah Njoki Kimani, and Maina Karibu. It is alleged that Kimani has a mental problem and had not taken his medication on the day of the double murders.

Nairobi police boss James Mugera said the suspect was arrested at a farm near the scene of the crime.

He added they suspect domestic quarrels as the motive behind the incident but added investigations are ongoing.

“The man will be among others undergo medical tests before he is prosecuted with murder. We are investigating it,” he said.

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