Gun, crime
Gun, crime

A 70-year-old man was shot dead in an attack by gunmen riding on a motorcycle in Marsabit Town.

Boru Guyo Huka was walking on Nyayo Road when he was attacked in broad daylight by the gunmen who sped off without stealing anything from him.

Police say they suspect they targeted him. They are however yet to know the motive of the attack.

This is the latest such incident to happen in the town which is linked to succession politics amid calls to tame the trend.

In Samburu, a woman was shot and killed by gunmen in a forest. The motive of the attack is yet to be known.


Police in Mombasa is investigating an incident in which an aspirant for a political seat in Mvita was shot and seriously injure in the Tudor area.

The politician’s car was sprayed with bullets injuring him. Police say they don’t know the motive of the attack on Ali Mwatsau. He is in hospital in stable condition as the hunt for the gunmen goes on.


Police are investigating an incident in which the body of a woman was found in waste treatment lagoon in Nakuru’s Sewerage area.

The woman seems to have been hacked to death before her body was dumped therein. Police say they were alerted by locals the body was floating at the lagoon before it was picked up at the mortuary.

An examination of the scene suggested she was killed at the site before it was dumped therein. An autopsy is planned on the body as part of the probe into the murder.