• The message written on Facebook caused a lot of fear and worry by people who know her.

Suicide rope illustration
Image: Courtesy

A social media user left many in shock after penning what seemed to be a final goodbye, before quickly deleting it.

The lady identified as Nyar Peter Mungah had thanked everybody who had believed in her. She then asked for anybody who knew her baby daddy to ask him to come and pick up their son.

"To everybody who believed in me and to my son please forgive me. Anybody who knows my baby daddy, his brothers who are here tell him to go for his son at my sister's house.

Somebody tell my mother I am really sorry I had to do this," she wrote partly.

Her brother quickly responded by asking her not to do anything 'crazy.' It is not clear what transpired as her social media has been inactive since she deleted the note.

Check out the worrying exchange below;

Counselors, medics, and psychologists advise that you can always reach out for help when experiencing any mental health issues. Call Kenya Red Cross toll-free hotline, 1199 for support.

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