The DCI revealed the image of the boda boda ringleader

Boda boda rider
Image: The-Star

Kenyans have been united this past week after a video emerged of a female motorist being s3xually harassed by a rowdy band of boda boda riders.

The viral video caused so much outrage that the police were forced to quickly spring into action looking for the perpetrators. 

As of yesterday, the rapid response from the cops had netted 32 suspects over the crime. But still, the cops weren't satisfied as there was still a ring leader who hadn't been caught.

This was revealed by the DCI on their Twitter account were they explained that the suspect identified as Zachariah Nyaora Obadia was still at large.

The boda boda ringleader
Image: DCI

The police explained that they had positively identified him using his own wife and other relatives from his rural home.

They said that they had tracked him down to Mukuru Kaiyaba slums but were unable to apprehend him as he had escaped their net by a whisker.

"However, the suspect who is aware of the ongoing crackdown on errant boda boda riders escaped our dragnet by a whisker, via a sewer duct in the densely populated settlement."

The police however said that they were confident that they would catch the suspect and urged him to surrender himself. 

They also advised any accomplice who had participated in harassing the woman to submit themselves at DCI headquarters before detectives caught up with them.

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