• He says he didn't mean to harm the child. 

Kamba artist Stephen Kasolo
Kamba artist Stephen Kasolo
Image: Courtesy

Kamba artist Stephen Kasolo was on the chopping board yesterday after a disturbing video of him threatening to kill his daughter went viral. 

In the video that was posted on Kasolo's social media, Kasolo threatened to kill his daughter after she broke a water bottle. 

He told his daughter 'Nitakunyonga' while demonstrating it to her. He pressed his daughter to repeat the same words. 

The video sparked outrage on social media platforms, forcing the Kamba artist to issue a public apology. 

He says he did not mean to harm the child. 

“Praise God my fans? I want to take this opportunity to apologise to my baby and all our fans for the video which is going viral, I never meant any harm to my daughter and I never will, nevertheless it has brought a lot of tension on social media. Kindly forgive me this will never happen again am sorry even before God,” Kasolo wrote on social media.

What do you think of a parent threatening to kill their own child?

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