• Collabo's between Arrow Bwoy and his girlfriend Nadia Mukami have always made big hits. 

Arrow Bwoy Performance at Afro Vasha
Arrow Bwoy Performance at Afro Vasha
Image: Moses Mwangi

Arrow Bwoy is about to drop a new album dubbed 'Focus'. 

In an interview with Mpasho, the singer revealed some of the things fans should expect from the album. 

"It is all about strides that I have gone through...ups and downs...wins and losses. There are days you might feel nothing is working for you...when you Focus, tomorrow turns out to be better. Whatever you go through today should not make you lose Focus," Arrow Bwoy shared. 

He added that the songs on the album are all about how his eyes are set on the price. 

"I haven't yet achieved my vision... I am still on it...pushing."

Collabo's between Arrow Bwoy and his girlfriend Nadia Mukami has always made big hits. 

For the Focus album, Arrow Bwoy advises fans to be patient to see whether Nadia will be featured or not. 

However, Nadia will be among the top artists who will be performing live during the Focus album launch on March 12. 

Other artists include; Eric Omondi, Hart the band, Iyanii, Kristoff, KRG the Don and Sanaipei Tande.

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