A Spanish journalist has told a Kibera court how her digital motorbike ride turned into a nightmare.

L.M.B told chief magistrate Ann Mwangi she ordered the ride on November 7, 2019, after partying with friends.

The woman, who told the court that she was a journalism graduate from the University of Barcelona, returned from Spain to testify.

She testified the rider took her to City Park Forest where he raped her, stole Sh5,000 and dumped her in the forest.

“That day I went to my friend’s place and we had a party. At 11.59pm I ordered a taxi and was linked to driver Dennis Wekesa who called me and picked me up,” she told the court.

She told the court that after some minutes, the rider suddenly stopped in the forest and said he had to answer a call of nature.

“He faced the bush to urinate, then suddenly turned on me, grabbed my neck and we struggled for a while,” she narrated.

She told the court Wekesa stripped her naked, pushed her into the bush deep in the forest and raped her.

She said she tried to hail a passing car for help but it passed her by in Pangani.

The rider then said he wanted to talk with her and they sat on the motorcycle.

“He told me he was sorry for the offence, but he was also touching my breasts indecently," she told the court, adding that she was afraid he would kill her.

She asked Wekesa if he needed money.

“He told me if he needed money,  then he would have killed me. We then took off and started our journey again. He told me to wait for him at a certain road so he could go and fuel his motorcycle,” she told the court.

She testified she lost her Samsung mobile phone, and the accused disappeared with her handbag containing critical documents and Sh5,000.

She was rescued by a plainclothes police officer after she stopped a car while crying.

The attack and theft were reported to the police and Wekesa is battling the case in court.

The charge sheet says Wekesa raped her on November 7, 2019, around City Park Forest in Parklands.

He is also charged with committing an indecent act with an adult.

Wekesa is also charged with robbery with violence, using force to steal the complainant's handbag, Sh5,000, a Samsung phone and a credit card.

 Wekesa is out on an Sh300,000 bond.

The case will proceed on February 4 when more witnesses will testify.

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