•Officers ascertained her identity after processing her fingerprints. 


The identity of a woman whose lifeless body was found stashed in a suitcase in Kiambu County has been identified.

According to the police, the woman was identified as Esther Wambui who works as a fuel station attendant at Juja, Kiambu County. 

Officers ascertained her identity after processing her fingerprints. Her spouse was further called in by the police on Wednesday, January 19 to confirm. 

Wambui's body was found on Tuesday evening dumped near the service lane along the perimeter wall of the Recce company camp at Toll area about four Kilometres South of the station.

The body was of an unknown African female adult in her early twenties who had been stashed in a nylon sack and put in a black suitcase with the hands tied at the back and both legs as well tied with manila ropes.

The police report said that she had also been tied around the neck with a nylon rope.

"The body had a visible deep cut on the left breast. She had ink writings on the chest, both palms, and both thighs which read “Bwana ya mtu ni sumu.”," the police report read.

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