Dirty bucket
Dirty bucket

Police in Molo are investigating an incident where a decomposing body of a woman was found inside a man's house in Muthaiga village on Tuesday afternoon.

Police handling the incident said they are looking for a university student after the woman who is his girlfriend was found murdered and his body discovered in the bedroom.

Officers who visited the scene said they recovered the head of the woman on the bed while the hands were found on a nearby road.

Her head was in a bucket in a room they had been together. The motive of the incident is yet to be known but police said they want to talk to Mark Njoroge who is missing since the incident happened.

The body parts were moved to the local mortuary. Molo Sub-County Police Commander Mwenda Mutamia said the body had been cut into pieces and wrapped with a blanket.

"We have launched investigations to arrest the suspect who went missing after the heinous act," said Mutamia.

He added no murder weapon was found at the scene of the incident but some bloodstains were seen at the house.

Neighbours suspect the incident happened on Sunday.

They told police they had not seen Njoroge since then.

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