Detectives to interrogate Dennis Itumbi over abduction

Dennis Itumbi in hospital
Dennis Itumbi in hospital

Detectives are seeking to talk to controversial blogger and Deputy President William Ruto’s Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi over his alleged kidnap and torture in Nairobi.

A team pursuing the matter said they are waiting for Itumbi to recover and be able to talk before seeking his statement.

The team will also talk to witnesses who saw the drama happen outside a barber shop in Thindigwa area, Kiambu County.

This, according to the team will give them a clear picture on the issue amid speculations on the same.

The team is yet to visit the scene of the incident. They will talk to all parties involved in the drama since it happened, some of the officers said.

They said their efforts to trace a car that was said to have been used in the abduction hit a brick wall after it emerged the details given by witnesses do not match with those in official records.

“It will be important to hear from him not his friends or politicians. We will wait for that moment because much will come out in the direction of the probe and motive,” said a senior officer aware of the probe.

Police spokesman Bruno Shioso said they are investigating the incident. He said teams of detectives are investigating the incident to establish motive and those behind it.

“We appeal to members of the public to be patient during the investigations and should therefore desist from speculation,” said Shioso.

“We further appeal to members of the public who may have information regarding the incident to volunteer and report to any police station or through our hotline number 999,112 or 0800 722203.”

Itumbi is still in hospital after he was found with injuries after a dramatic abduction. Those who visited him Saturday said he is talking and in jovial mood and out of danger.

Itumbi was abducted on Thursday and beaten up before being abandoned on the road side naked in Lucky Summer area.

He was taken to hospital Friday morning after being in the hands of his abductors for nearly seven hours.

The motive of the incident is yet to be known. He had injuries on most of his body parts when he was found naked in Lucky Summer area, Kasarani, Nairobi by a taxi driver.

His mobile phone was missing then.

His brother David said Itumbi told them the people who abducted and beat him up claimed to be police officers.

Police have denied knowledge of the claims. His abductors apparently changed to different cars as they drove around with him.

The triangulation of Itumbi's mobile phone signal tracked it to Kigwa in Ridgeways, but he was not found there.

At 11:22pm, Itumbi’s brother David received a call from a number belonging to a  Mr Makokha, a taxi driver  who had found Itumbi limping in the Lucky Summer area near Kasarani stadium.

“Itumbi was severely injured and in great pain, having been tortured at length as his abductors drove him around the city. He was eventually thrown out of the car into a thicket and left for dead.”

“He managed to crawl to the nearest road, where he sought help from bodaboda riders and this is where Mr Makoha recognised him and offered to help,” a group of MPs said.

A passing taxi driver recognised Itumbi in his state, and found warm clothes for him, after which he was taken to hospital.

They added Itumbi suffered extensive torture, including repeatedly battery of his limbs with a hammer, and sustained soft tissue injuries as well as fractures.

They added Itumbi had confirmed that his abductors took turns to beat him'

The abductors handcuffed him from behind and tied his legs with a rope.

The vocal blogger has not shied away from attacking senior government officials on several occasions.

The incident has elicited speculations on the social media amid blame games.

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