A suspect linked to the killing of a man in Bondeni, Mombasa on December 17 was Monday arrested in Juja Town, Kiambu County.

Police said they arrested Abdulmajid Nagib Abdalla, 28 after he went missing for days following the murder of his father.

Detectives from Mombasa who were looking for him over the murder of his father whose body was found in a sack in Bondeni trace him to a house in Juja where he has been hiding since then, police said.

Nagis Abdalah Fateh, 69, a Kenyan who served in the UAE military, was reported missing by the family who recorded a statement prompting police to investigate.

Police discovered the body parts of the elderly man stuffed in a sack long after his murder.

The neighbours said they were disturbed by a foul smell from the toilet there that prompted them to check only to discover the body in the sack after police had arrived.

The motive of the murder is yet to be known. According to police and the family, Abdulmajid has been living with his father without any reported wrangles for long.

When the family questioned Abdulmajid, on the whereabouts of the ageing man, he said he had gone to his farm at Mavueni in Kilifi county, however, neighbours at Mavueni confirmed that they had never spotted Najib at his farm.

He then went missing before he was traced later on.

The suspect was escorted to Mombasa ahead of planned arraignment over the murder. He will however have to undergo mental tests to establish if he is stable to be charged.

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