Cheryl and Stephanie Murgor were interviewed by the Daily Nation in a wide-ranging interview this past week.

The two ladies who became famous after their altercation with the Ndichu brothers in October this year opened up on that torrid time.

24-year-old Cheryl, a former cabin crew with Kenya Airways said that she hadn't been able to eat for at least 3 days after the incident.

"It took us like three days to tell our mother what had happened. And that was after three days of crying. I did not eat for three days and I lost so much weight."

Cheryl added that she and her sister wondered whether they had done the right thing in publicising the incident?

"This was because I had to think about what we were going to tell our mother who was far away. And after going to the police, I remember me and my sister cried and asked, have we done the right thing? Did we do the right thing?" she posed.

Stephanie explained that their mother who lives in Sweden had been broken by the news,  

"She had to come over as soon as she could. We even had to move back in with her because we cannot stay alone anymore. I used to stay with my sister but then, how do you sleep and have the peace of mind?" she posed.

The two have had to go for therapy. "This was because it became apparent that we needed someone to speak to and help and cope and move forward...It hasn't been easy for our family. Our mum became sick," she revealed.

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