A man said to have wiped out his entire family by hacking the wife and four children with an axe at Kathita village, Kirinyaga East Sub-county has been remanded in custody.

Paul Murage, 35 will take his plea on January 24 next year after some legal technicalities arose when he appeared before a Kerugoya High Court.

When Murage appeared virtually before Justice, Richard Mwongo, it emerged, he had no legal representation to take the plea.

The Court ordered the accused to be remanded at the Kerugoya G.K. Prison to await the taking of the plea when a lawyer to represent him will have been provided by the State.

In such serious matters where an accused person cannot afford a lawyer, he /she is normally provided with one by the State, to ensure justice is seen to have been seen to be done.

State Prosecutor, Vincent Mamba, however informed the Court the accused had already had his metal assessment undertaken and was fit to stand trial.

He is said to have hacked to death his wife aged 38 and all his four children one of whom he was said to have defiled during the November 29 incident at Kathata village.

Murage who sat pensively at the dock from 8.30am to 12.30 pm when he was called out appeared composed and unruffled despite the serious charges awaiting him.

He was dressed in faded blue jeans trousers, open beige coloured plastic shoes (ma- CDF as known by locals), a grey hooded pullover and a blue face mask while the charged could not read due to the said legal technicalities but stood still as the prosecutor communicated with the Judge.

His case was last in today’s case list hence the many hours he remained, waiting at the dock while only a Judicial Officer two Detectives and the media were present at the time he was called out.

Murage was shortly before 1 pm driven in a police vehicle to the prison where he will spend the Christmas and the New Year as he awaits to take the plea on the scheduled indicted date.

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