Two men who were found with guns in a church during fracas at the Lavington Methodist Church in Kileleshwa on Friday after a pastor stormed there are expected in court.

Police have said they have enhanced security at the church after one of the pastors there stormed the facility with other congregants and caused the fracas.

The team had sought to eject Bishop Joseph Ntombura who they claimed had refused to leave the church after his retirement.Property of unknown value destroyed before police arrived. 

In the ensuing melee, the church guard who was overwhelmed by the faithful-turned goons, alerted police officers based at Kileleshwa police station who responded immediately. 

Two of the men were found to be armed with glock semi automatic pistols, loaded with a total of 29 rounds of ammunition, 9mm callibre. 

The church has been in the leadership wrangles in the past years.

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