Edwin Sifuna, the lawyer for Paul and Eddie Ndichu has released a press release following the press conference by advocate Phillip Murgor who was acting on behalf of Cheryl and Stephanie Murgor.

The press release is below;

We act for Eddie and Paul Ndichu. Our attention has been drawn to a statement in the Press and a letter addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions by lawyers for the Murgor Sisters, ostensibly purporting to influence or direct the ODPP in the matter of the incident at Ole Sereni a few weeks back.

The Murgor Sisters must be reminded that the ODPP is an independent office not subject to direction or control of anyone, including famous uncles.

We have in the past raised the alarm on attempts by these lawyers to use "old networks" in the ODPP to intimidate the ODPP and DCIO Langata into leveling unsupported charges against the Ndichus in order to use those charges to blackmail them into settling a matter in which they are innocent.

The public now has evidence of this in the long rumbling letter by the said lawyers.

Phillip Murgor with his nieces and their mother
Image: Courtesy

Further, the Murgor Sisters have failed to honor police summons to answer to their own Charges of assaulting and causing actual harm to one Munira. The Police have clearly been intimidated into extending preferential treatment to them because they carry a famous last name. We demand the immediate arrest of the Murgor Sisters failing which a formal complaint shall be lodged against the DCIO Langata.

Lastly and contrary to what the Murgor Sisters are claiming, our clients have made no offers at all to settle this matter because they firmly believe in due process. As such our position remains that we want to meet these extortionists in court. We will not negotiate with criminals.

Be advised that all communication on this matter will originate from the undersigned and all inquiries or clarifications should be addressed to him."

In a separate press conference, Stephanie and Cheryl's lawyer Philip Murgor denied initiating talks on having an out of court settlement. 

"We have been approached by 3 different advocates, one of whom is a sitting Member of Parliament. That MP who is a lawyer looked at the letter, saying it was absolute rubbish, he said he had advised the Ndichus to make a public apology and another to the victims before suggesting a meeting," Cheryl and Stephanie's lawyer Philip Murgor said. 

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