Ethiopian businessman Samson Teklemichael
Ethiopian businessman Samson Teklemichael

The wife of Ethiopian businessman Samson Teklemichael who was abducted in unclear circumstances on Friday last week now wants the court to compel the police to produce him in court.

In an application filed in court through Lawyer Stanley Kangahi, she wants the court to order the Inspector General of Police to produce the body of the said businessman.

In the habeas Corpus application filed under a certificate of urgency, she further wants the court to order the state not to deport him from the country but to instead release him.

In an affidavit sworn by his wife Milen Mezgebo, it is alleged that on Friday last week at 5.30 pm she received a phone call from her husband saying that he was being taken by unknown people out of his car.

Mezgebo says she quickly rushed to the Oloitoktok road and Likoni road roundabout near Kileleshwa where she found her husband’s car abandoned.

“On inquiry I was informed by traffic officers at the scene that he was picked by police officers to a destination unknown to them,” she said.

She further says she was informed by bystanders who were still at the scene that the arrest was made with the assistance of the traffic personal that were at the scene.

She reported the matter at Kilimani police station and it was taken over by the office of the DCIO Kilimani.“With the assistance of friends and family, we visited almost all the police stations within the proximity of Nairobi with no positive results.

All efforts to inquire from the police stations have borne no fruit and no information is being offered at all,” the affidavit reads.

Mezgebo says she is now more than ever fearful and apprehensive that her husband’s life could be in danger and believes the abduction has been orchestrated by state officers.

Teklemichael was driving his Bentley car when he was stopped in broad daylight by a man wearing traffic police uniforms and later removed by other men in civilian clothes.

He was later dragged into a Subaru car as other road users recorded the drama.

The abductors left his car at the scene along the road in Kileleshwa only for the wife to be informed by a friend that her husband's car had been parked in the middle of the road and she later picked it up.

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