Cut banana
Cut banana

A 60-year-old man from Kirindara village in Igembe central constituency Meru County is nursing injuries in Nyambene level 4 hospital after his manhood was chopped off by his enranged wife on Friday night.

The man, a retired teacher, had his genitalia chopped off by his wife Esther Meeme following a domestic dispute.

 The man met the ordeal in their matrimonial bed where his wife tied him up with a rope and began to chop his member.

The man also sustained other head injuries apart from losing his manhood.

He was luckily rescued by his family members and rushed to Nyambene level 4 hospital where he is fighting for his life.

Confirming the incident the area chief Murungi Matundu said the culprit is already behind the bars in Kangeta police station awaiting to be arraigned in court.

Matundu strongly condemned the act terming it inhuman and unlawful and added that he has left the matter to police for further investigations.

"Whatever this woman has done is evil and unheard of in Meru society," the chief lamented adding that, "domestic issues should be handled with wisdom and not emotions for the family to flourish in peace."

He further cautioned the members of the public not to be taking the law into their hands but to report any dispute to the authorities.

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