The Ndichu brothers have now offered an olive branch to the Murgor sisters with the aim of settling the matter out of court.

Through Amadi Associates Advocates, Edward and Paul Ndichu have written to Lawyer Phillip Murgor who represents the two sisters requesting to solve the matter amicably.

The two sisters Stephanie, 24, and Cheryl Murgor, 22, accused them of the incident that took place on October 17 at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel.

Lawyer Njenga Kiarie has asked the sisters to consider solving the matter saying the incident was a misunderstanding and they are ready to repair the damaged car.

“Our client maintains their interest and commitment to amicably resolve the incident that resulted in a misunderstanding on the morning of October 17 and further do request that their willing to repair the motor vehicle that was damaged during the said incident at the earliest,” the letter reads.

In the letter dated October 26, Kiarie said they are proposing that the vehicle in question be delivered to Ndichu’s preferred garage, or in the alternative if the same has been repaired the sums incurred will be refunded in full.

“In the meantime, ours extend an olive branch to your clients to allow a sitting at their earliest convenience to resolve the matter in finality,” the lawyer said.

The brothers have also distanced themselves from the social media trends on the two sisters saying that continued to hamper goodwill in resolving the matter between them.

“Our clients have not in any way instigated the euphoria being perpetrated on social media and media in general, that continues to antagonize any goodwill in resolving this matter amicably,” the letter reads.

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