Court of Law
Court of Law

Six Form two students at St. John’s Girls High School, Sirende in Kiminini Sub County have been charged for attempting to burn a dormitory. 

Appearing before Kitale Principal Magistrate Mary Achieng Thursday afternoon the students were charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. 

According to the charge sheet, the six were charged with attempting to burn a dormitory within the school premises on 3rd November 2021 contrary to the penal code.

However, the six students denied the charges labelled against them and were remanded at Kitale police station. 

The court also ordered them to be taken to Kitale County Referral Hospital for medical examination as well as age assessment. 

The case will be mentioned on November 9, 2021. 

Speaking to KNA the school Principal Linet Ooko said she had received vital information from the institution’s Chaplain who had spotted the girls buying paraffin at Sirende shopping centre on Wednesday at 7:45 pm.

"We conducted an impromptu roll call and indeed the six students all from Form two East were missing and upon urgent search, they were found hiding in one of the toilets,” revealed Ooko, adding upon interrogation the culprits confessed sneaking out of the school.

The students had bought half a litre of kerosene, one kilogramme of salt and a matchbox which they intended to use to burn their dorm named St. Ann's Storey. 

Police offices from Kitale station recovered all the said items which have since been kept as court exhibits.

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