Ndichu brothers; Eddie and Paul and the Murgor sisters; Stephanie and Cheryl.
Ndichu brothers; Eddie and Paul and the Murgor sisters; Stephanie and Cheryl.

There is a new twist to the very public and viral altercation between the Ndichu brothers; Eddie and Paul and the Murgor sisters; Stephanie and Cheryl.

According to sources, the Ndichu twins told detectives that they are making all efforts to work out the issue.

This means they are trying to reach out to the two women Stephanie 24 and Cheryl Murgor 22 who claimed the two brothers assaulted them.

But the sisters apparently are not ready for any talks.

This comes after the two brothers were grilled for 5 hours at Langata Police Station. They recorded their statements under inquiry.

Police explained when one records a statement under inquiry it means the investigators believe they are suspects or may be connected with the crime or have useful information regarding the same.

A statement under inquiry precedes the taking of a statement under charge and caution, which means they may be charged if and when such a time arrives.

The two recorded their statement on Wednesday at the Langata police station over claims by two sisters they assaulted them on October 17 at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel.

Their lawyer Edwin Sifuna accompanied them. He said they expect both parties to face affray charges.

The Ndichus were summoned to Langata Police station for the grilling session. They were informed they may be called again for more statements before they were issued with police bonds.

Police sought to know from them what happened on the day and why.

They narrated their side of the story and were later freed to go home. The file will be returned to the Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecution with various recommendations including to charge them.

Sources said they were asked to explain if they are armed and if they are licensed to carry the weapons of which they denied.

This was after the Firearms Licensing Board said the twins are not on their list as Licensed Firearms Holders.

This was out of a query from the ODPP that wanted to confirm if the two are armed or not and if they are licensed.

One of the Ndichu brothers reach for something on his back that police believe is a gun.
One of the Ndichu brothers reach for something on his back that police believe is a gun.

The two are under investigation for among others assault and malicious damage to property.

The two sisters recorded further statements on Monday and narrated their ordeal on the day to the police.

They were in the company of their lawyer who is also their uncle Philip Murgor and George Ouma when they appeared before Langata DCI offices for further statements.

Murgor said they were there as complainants and they expect nothing short of justice.

The officers also recorded a statement from a witness in the case who was also assaulted in the drama and issued him with a P3.

They also obtained official records of the M-PESA transaction between the Ndichu brothers and Samuel whose car was damaged.

The team also inspected the car that was damaged during the drama at the hotel, which was photographed by the Scenes of Crime Personnel. The Ndichu’s lady friend will in due course be summoned for her side of the story.

Police officers who attended the scene have also recorded their statements.

They also obtained CCTV footage of the drama. The two women run a designer clothesline in the city.

They said they were attending a wedding after-party at the hotel on the 10th floor and were accompanied by two friends Samuel Ramdas and Patrick Koech.

At about 2.30 am, one of the twin brothers allegedly made an improper pass at Stephanie to which she told him she knows him as a husband to Janet Mbugua.

The lady who was with the brothers shouted ex-husband. When Stephanie left for the exit one of the brothers verbally assaulted her referring to her as a "b*tch".

At the entrance, one of the brothers violently broke the right-hand door side mirror while the other one broke the left-hand side one before they again went to attack Cheryl.

The twins then pleaded to pay for the damage of the car mirrors and a dent at Sh110,000.

“One of the brothers proceeded to pay via M-PESA after which they both went back to the hotel. However immediately thereafter, the transaction was reversed. At no point did the young ladies accept any compensation for the assault or injury to themselves,” Murgor said.

Paul and Eddie have noted that they do not condone or support violence against women and that on the night of the incident, they did not assault any woman as widely claimed.

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