One of the Ndichu brothers reach for something on his back that police believe is a gun.
One of the Ndichu brothers reach for something on his back that police believe is a gun.

After the full video of the now famous Olesereni footage was made public, it turns out that the police are investigating threats made by the Ndichu twins to shoot sisters; Stephanie and Cheryl Murgor.

In screengrabs from the CCTV footage, one of the twins is seen reaching for something on his back during the altercation.

He also dropkicks Samuel, who is Cheryl's boyfriend. Later, Samuel is seen running away and driving off in a rush.

In their statement after the altercation, the sisters said that at that moment, "he brothers threatened to shoot us."

At the entrance of the hotel, one of the brothers violently broke the right-hand door side mirror while the other one broke the left-hand side one before they again went to attack Cheryl.

Their lawyer, Phillip Murgor said, "The video in question depicts a confrontation well after the assault on Stephanie on the 10th floor, and after the brutal knocking down of Patrick by one of the Ndichu twins and the smashing of the innocent car belonging to Samuel."

Adding, "There is also footage showing the girlfriend of the Ndichu as the one who attacked the other group and also threw the first blow. In the fullness of time, the entire CCTV will become available to the public.

My clients and their friend are all of small build and had no reason whatsoever to pick a fight with persons who were twice their size. Indeed they are refusal patrons and have never been involved in any commotion at the hotel.”

Check out the photos of the screengrab that police believe was one of the Ndichu brothers reaching for his gun.

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