• Cases of suicide have become rampant in the area with a record of seven people having committed suicide in a week.

Suicide rope illustration
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Residents of Nanyuki town location are in shock after two young men separately committed suicide by hanging themselves.

Confirming the incidents, Nanyuki town Location chief, Duncan Wachira said he received a phone call from nyumba kumi elder at around 9 Monday morning, informing him that a man had committed suicide at Asian Quarters.

“When I received the sad news from the area nyumba kumi elder I rushed to the scene and found the body of a middle-aged man dangling from a tree.

The man is unknown to the local residents, and we will carry out more investigations to find the family so that they be informed of the unfortunate occurrence,” Wachira said.

In a similar incident, a young man committed suicide, on Monday, in his apartment in Thingithu area, Nanyuki Location.

Wachira said that the cases of suicide have become rampant in the area with a record of seven people having committed suicide in a week.

“We are concerned because two people have committed suicide today. This bring to seven people in a record of one week.

It is unfortunate because most of those who have committed suicide do not leave behind suicide note making it difficult to identify the root cause of the suicide cases,” Wachira said.

He urged the youth to open up to their friends, local authorities or professionals when they have an issue rather than resorting to committing suicide, and called on the relevant bodies to come up with mental health programs to curb the surge in suicide cases.

“Many young people engage in early marriages and fail to cater for their families. Besides, since the onset of Covid-19, many young people have been faced with financial challenges due to lack of jobs and might end up committing suicide,” Wachira said.

The bodies were moved to Laikipia Health Service Mortuary.

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