A suspected thug was shot dead and a gun found on him in a botched robbery incident in Dandora area, Nairobi.

Police said they were informed there were attacks in the Harmony area before rushing to the place where they managed to kill the suspect as his accomplices managed to escape on foot.

Witnesses said the suspects had been attacking pedestrians before an alarm was raised. More than ten suspects have in the past month been shot dead by police in a campaign to address armed crime in Nairobi alone.

Police say they have mobilized more personnel to deal with the threats.

Meanwhile, police have been mobilized to be on standby over a planned protest by thousands of Kamae residents over a piece of land near Kenyatta University Hospital.

The more than 10,000 residents lost a long court case with the KU management which has prompted them to plan the protest.

The residents had encroached on the land opposite the university for the past ten years constructing houses worth millions of shillings. Police have been mobilized to act in case of any violence or disruption of services there.

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